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  •  The Elections Office is located at 1764 Broad Street, Lumpkin, Ga. 31815 in the Stewart County Courthouse. For more information, call 229/838-6769, ext. 210.

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to the Stewart County Elections and Registration page on this website.  We have established several links, forms and other bits of information to help the voters of Stewart County find everything they need about upcoming elections, elected officials and to help answer other questions they may have concerning voting in Stewart County.






Office hours 8am-12pm
  (lunch 12pm-1pm) 1pm-5pm Mon– Fri
Office Phone (229) 838-6220 ext. 210
Office Fax (229) 838-4489
P.O. Box 713   Lumpkin, GA 31815
Alfreda Hudson - Elections Supervisor


Larry Westbrook – Chairman
Shaconda Screws
Joey Ammons



VOTERS, use this phone number for checking to see whether PROVISIONAL ballots were counted (1-844-537-5375)    For other election information click HERE

Below are some helpful video links that may answer some questions about voting

Voter Registration Absentee Voting Advance Voting Voting on Election Day

If you require further information regarding elections and voting that are not addressed here in our FAQ list, please contact the Voter Registrations and Elections Office at 229-838-6220 ext 210

Where can I register to vote?

What are the acceptable types of photo ID for voting?

Do I have to register by party in Georgia?

I'm an elderly voter and it’s hard for me to stand in line; are there any provisions for me?

The hours for voting on Election Day are 7:00am - 7:00pm. Are there any other options?

Who can vote absentee ballot by mail? And how often do you have to apply?

Can anyone return a voted ballot?

Can a felon vote?

Are there deadlines for absentee applications and/or absentee ballots?

The voter did not receive the ballot that was mailed. Can another be mailed?  

What happens if I have been issued an absentee ballot but decide I would rather vote at my precinct on Election Day?

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Stewart County Voting Precincts

Commissioners & BOE Districts

Detailed map for Lumpkin & Richland


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